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Try Out Bucks County's New Voting Machines
The county's new voting system uses hand-marked paper ballots, which are scanned by the machines.
Warminster Patch
Democrats Combat Skyrocketing Drug Costs
HARRISBURG, Jan. 13 -- One-in-two Pennsylvanians struggle to afford health care -- and with continued federal inaction -- state House Democrats unveiled a bill Monday that would have life-saving implications around the state.Inspired in part by a Pennsylvania woman’s ordeal in securing...
Rep. Perry Warren
State and National
America Punished Warren for her Competence
The country still doesn’t know what to make of a woman—in politics, and beyond—who refuses to qualify her success.
The Atlantic
Judge Calls Barr’s Handling of Mueller Report ‘Distorted’ and ‘Misleading’
The judge said the attorney general lacked credibility on the matter and said he would review the report to decide whether to make its redacted portions public.
New York Times
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Love will prevail
I am pleased to provide this website as an information source to voters in District 5 and the surrounding area.
Hal Wright
Democratic Committee Person
Newtown Township District 5
Brookside, Crown Pointe, Newtown Estates, Taylor Heights, Newtown Gate, Walker Lane
The website is designed, written and paid for by Harold Wright, Democratic Committee Person, Newtown Township District 5. Views are my own.
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